What’s an Ambassador Dog?

You may have noticed a shiny new type of Assistance Dog jacket recently.

It’s a rather fetching purple jacket that has our logo and the words “Ambassador Dog” on it.

While we’ve always had Ambassador Dogs, these eye-catching purple jackets are relatively new.

Ambassador Dogs represent Assistance Dogs Australia in social settings like workplace visits, television appearances, expos, fundraising galas and more. They demonstrate Assistance Dog skills to an adoring audience, encouraging people to donate and raising awareness about the work of Assistance Dogs Australia.


Ambassador Dogs Thorin and Chloe on the job at a corporate wellbeing expo.


Ambassador Dogs are usually selected for this career path when they are around 15-20 months old.

At this age, they have been training since the age of eight weeks and will be in the midst of their Advanced Training program. This is typically the period when pups are assessed for suitable career roles.

They may also be former breeding mums who have retired from their previous career but continue to demonstrate the talent and drive for this special role. The honour of being a breeding mum is given to the very best dogs-in-training.

Ambassador Dogs are chosen for their temperament, friendly disposition, and their ability to be comfortable and calm in front of a crowd.

While all our pups train to become Assistance Dogs, Ambassador Dogs are more suited to a life of fewer public outings and a lighter workload than a fully-fledged Assistance Dog.

Chloe Ambassadog with long-time sponsors

Ambassador Dog Chloe putting in a special appearance for one of our longtime sponsors, Discount Drug Stores.


The dog’s welfare is the highest priority when we consider career paths, and we want to see every pup-in-training fulfil their potential and be all they can be. Being an Ambassador Dog is a happy medium for pups that have the skills and love for life as a working dog, but perhaps need a little more flexibility and handler support.

The same Assistance Dogs etiquette applies to Ambassador Dogs: they should not be approached or touched without permission from their handler. However, unlike Assistance Dogs, Ambassador Dogs are allowed to interact with the members of the public in certain settings.

Every Assistance Dog and Ambassador Dog is an awe-inspiring canine that brings joy and makes us proud. They put smiles on faces wherever they go.

Donations from our kind supporters enable our pups to receive the training they need to reach their potential and find careers they will thrive in. We are so grateful for all the help we receive.

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It costs over $60,000 to train and place an Assistance Dog.

Your donation helps cover training, vaccinations and equipment for an Assistance Dog, who is given to a client free of charge.

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