Workplace Fundraising Ideas

We believe “the more, the merrier” when it comes to fundraising, so why not get your workplace involved!

It’s also a great team-building opportunity and donations are tax-deductible, so your employer may wish to match employee donations.

If you are looking to support us with a corporate partnership, we can help you get started.

For Dogtober you can discuss it at staff meetings to create interest. Explain why it’s an important cause to you to add that personal touch to help people connect with your passion.

Some creative workplace fundraiser ideas include:

  • Morning or Afternoon Tea: Tea/coffee, croissants, pastries and other goodies are great for work fundraising events.
  • Bring Your Dog to Work Day: If your workplace allows it, let dog owners bring their dog to the office for the day and pay for the privilege
  • Take a Pic of Your Pet: Post a pic of your pet each day during your fundraiser, and nominate a colleague each day to do the same! It’s okay if they don’t have pets, they can share their favourite photo or animal pic instead.
workplace fundraising

You can make this a competition and have a category for best dressed pet, most pampered pet, best guard dog, etc!

Thank you for considering a donation to Assistance Dogs Australia. Your generosity will help transform the life of someone living with a disability.

If you are looking to support our charity through a trust or foundation, click here for more information.

We think Take Your Dog to Work is another perfect time to host a fundraiser in the workplace. To find out what date it’s on this year, or for other significant dates you can link your fundraiser to, click here.

Fundraising can be fun for kids too! To discover ideas for school-based fundraising, click here.

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