Workplace giving

You can donate to Assistance Dogs Australia through your employers’ payroll system or through a dedicated workplace giving platform your employer has implemented.

Benefits for the employee   

Workplace Giving offers employees a convenient and meaningful way to donate to Assistance Dogs Australia. The benefits participating employees say they enjoy most include:

  • Making a difference to Assistance Dogs Australia knowing their contribution is helping to train Super Pups and reaching another person in need
  • Their contribution reaching further (over 70% of companies match donations)
  • Donations are immediately tax effective
  • Assistance Dog visits to the work place
  • Sponsoring their own puppy

Corporate social responsibility benefits for your organisation      

Workplace Giving offers employers a vehicle to build charity community partnerships and boost employee morale. Low on cost and administration, Workplace Giving mobilizes significant charity funding. It motivates and engages employees while improving staff retention by:

  • Advancing corporate leadership and community impact
  • Demonstrating good corporate social responsibility
  • Strengthen employee recruitment, loyalty and retention levels
  • Build constructive relationships with charities
  • Require minimal work from payroll administration and are cost-effective

Benefits to Assistance Dogs Australia

Workplace Giving programs channels the funds directly to Assistance Dogs Australia. Regular bulk payroll donations save on administration costs and allow more effective planning and:

  • Create lasting relationships with organisation
  • Stable long-term funding

Who facilitates workplace giving?

Good2Give’s Workplace Giving service gives employees the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on the work of their preferred charity/s through a direct tax deductible donation from their pre-tax pay.

Starting Workplace Giving with Assistance Dogs Australia

If your company does not participate in Workplace Giving but you would still like to donate through your pay you can fill out our Workplace Giving form, or talk to facilitators such as Good2Give or United Way or talk to us directly.

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Download a Workplace Giving form 

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