Fundraisers for School Kids

Fundraising at school is super fun, a great lesson for all participants, and teaches a child that they have the power to make the world a better place, all while raising money for a good cause. It’s also a great exercise to develop social and organisational skills.

Your fundraiser will help to train a fully-qualified Assistance Dog for someone living with a disability.

If you’d want to get the kids (and parents) involved, why not try facilitating a fundraiser that incorporates:

  • Colouring In: Draw and print a dog template for the little ones to colour in.
  • Fun Games: Arts and crafts such as making puppy dog ear headbands, face painting, and so on!
  • Food Decorating: Icing cookies and cupcakes is a fun (and delicious) fundraising activity for all ages.
school fundraising

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