Puppy Educator and Carer Application Form

Puppy Educator: A full-time volunteer role. A Puppy Educator raises a puppy at home for 10-15 months. Fully supported by Assistance Dogs Australia with food, vet care and training support.

Puppy Carer: A part-time or casual volunteer role. A Puppy Carer helps looks after a puppy on weekends and for short periods of time, when their full-time Educator is unable to do so.

If you are interested in raising a puppy in your home for 10-15 months, or perhaps for a weekend or short period of time, please complete the form below.

Please provide as much information as possible, to allow us to process your application efficiently and quickly.

Each Assistance Dog costs over $35,000 to train

This includes everything from purchasing a puppy to food, vaccinations, training and placement. Assistance Dogs are provided free of charge to people in need.

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