Colin and Phoenix’s story

Colin (now 13) from Western Australia is doing his best. He is living with autism, and five years ago he received an Assistance Dog named Phoenix to help him reach his full potential.

Colin used to be homeschooled due to the severity of his anxiety, which prevented him from exploring the outside world.

With Phoenix by his side, Colin now attends year 8 secondary college in Western Australia, everyday. His mum, Kaye, is so proud of how far he’s come. She said,

“Phoenix is amazing. He is relaxed, calm, always willing to work, and devoted to Colin.

Phoenix has helped to reduce Colin’s anxiety by giving him the confidence to take on the daily challenges he faces and by being the one ‘friend’ he can always rely on to be there for him.”

For Colin now, the world is his oyster. Colin is a member of a local swimming club, chess club, football club and has a personal trainer at the local gym.

To Assistance Dogs Australia supporters, Kaye says:

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing gift of Phoenix. Phoenix has taught us so much and I am so very grateful that he is by our side every day.”

Now Colin’s future is even brighter with Phoenix to help him navigate through his teenage years.

It costs over $60,000 to train and place an Assistance Dog.

Your donation helps covers training, vaccinations, food and equipment for an Assistance Dog, who is given to a client free of charge.

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