Stephane and Veo’s story

After serving in the armed forces for 18 years, both at home and abroad, Stephane was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

After being matched with Veo, Stephane has told us how his life has changed, and continues to change each day they are together.

“Veo’s company is an endless source of support for me.I find myself laughing at his mischief; seeing new things that I couldn’t see before; having the motivation to leave the house and also having protection at all times.”

“By being by my side when I withdraw and disappear, Veo has given me the mental fortitude to do the things I would normally shy from and or avoid.”

Veo has had an impact on not only Stephane, but the whole family too.

“Most of all, my little girls love him and he brings us all together.”

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