Nathan and Ruby’s story

She helps him get dressed, she takes him to school, she opens and closes doors, but probably the most wonderful thing that Ruby, Nathan’s Companion Dog provides him with, is independence. Nathan has quadraplegia and cerebral palsy.

“Before Ruby came along, Nathan had little independence,” Gavin, Nathan’s dad said. “If he wanted to play in his room, little things like opening doors and picking up toys would have to be done for him. One of us would have had to be with him all the time. But then Ruby arrived.”

Ruby follows Nathan everywhere and helps him to pick up dropped objects, she takes off his socks, she can switch the lights on and off and she even opens the door so Nathan can play fetch with her in the backyard.

“Ruby has made Nathan a lot more outdoorsy because he can go out in the backyard by himself. She also takes him to and from school everyday and all the kids come up and greet them. They love her.” Gavin said.

If the family hear Ruby bark it means Nathan needs something that she can’t do, but that doesn’t happen very often. She has also alerted Nathan’s family when Nathan has been in trouble.

“We feel safe knowing Ruby is with Nathan all the time and that she’s so devoted to him,” Gavin said.

Ruby is always there for Nathan making him smile with just a wag of her tail and her unconditional love and support are the best things she provides.

“She’s my best friend.” said Nathan. “She helps me and makes my family and me laugh.”

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