Madison and Dollarmite’s story

When asked about her new best friend Dollarmite, 18 year old Madison was more than happy to tell us about her. Dollarmite is Madison’s Assistance Dog, who helps Madison every single day. Madison has cerebral palsy and congenital heart defect.

“She is my best friend, she is my constant companion, she makes me happy every day.  She is continuing to learn new skills and helping me interact with my environment.

I have never had any independence, and Dollar has given me this opportunity. She has given me independence.

I get great joy from not only getting cuddles, but from being responsible for her daily routine and caring for her. She helps me out at home and while I am out in the community”

Dollarmite does all the things a best friend should do; from comforting Madison through hard times, to lending a helping paw by picking up dropped items, and even helping Madison make new friends.

“Dollar can pick things up and get things for me, and that is something I have never been able to do. Having her with me also invites people to talk and interact with me, which has really developed my own socialization skills. She keeps me company, and reassures me by being with me when I am facing challenges including being sick, going to hospital, feeling scared about something. We go shopping together, on holidays, walks, out for tea, on camp.  Dollar goes everywhere with me (except the dentist!)

She has changed all of our lives, and brought so much love and happiness to us all. Everyone loves and is amazed by Dollar.”

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