Finn and Laura’s story

When Laura walked into Finn Riley’s world and heart she changed his world forever.

Alison, Finn’s mum, said that the family was very excited that Laura was joining them.  ‘Laura has fallen right into our family,’ said Alison.

‘Finn loves Laura.  They have already settled into a routine and are inseparable.’

Finn has Angelman’s Syndrome which affects about 1 in 15,000 children, and it means that Finn has intellectual and mobility issues, a sleep disorder and no speech.

‘Finn is an active and placid child, and is always happy.  He is curious about the world in a positive way,’ said Alison.  ‘Laura is another constant person for Finn in his life.  She is his friend.’

Finn loves tactile interaction, so Laura’s fur and fluffy ears are a great attraction for Finn to touch and play with.  Laura also shows Finn she is there for him by putting her head on his lap at afternoon tea time.  Finn also loves Laura licking his hands when he comes home from school.

Where Laura is making a big difference already is helping Finn to walk.  Rather than holding someone’s hand, Finn is able to hold Laura’s lead and they walk around the yard.

‘Laura keeps a slow pace, and the sense of holding the lead means Finn doesn’t have to hold a carer’s hand,’ said Alison.  This is giving him independence and building the trust between Finn and Laura.

With assistance Finn is also beginning to feed Laura, which helps his motor skills.

‘Laura is sharing her love around the whole family and is making a real difference in the house’ said Alison.  ‘She brings such a calming presence.’

It costs over $60,000 to train and place an Assistance Dog.

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