Daniel and Nellie’s story

Nineteen year old Daniel suffers from spinal muscular atrophy type 2, restricting him to a wheelchair and greatly reducing his independence and mobility. Now he has a new lady in his life – a beautiful Labrador called Nellie. Daniel and Nellie have been together for a few months, and met for the first time when Nellie came to first visit him at home, before moving in as a permanent family member.

“Nellie makes being home alone a lot less daunting, and helps me with picking up the things I drop, as well as being a great companion – we have really bonded and connected and I couldn’t imagine life without her now,” says Daniel of his loyal companion.

Daniel and Nellie make regular visits to the local dog beach, and Nellie can be a bit of an attention seeker at times, making sure she gets lots of pats from anyone who comes her way! Having Nellie by his side has given Daniel independence and confidence, and Daniel loves her energetic and affectionate personality.

Daniel said “Nellie is my best friend; she gives me emotional support and helps me achieve the goals I set for myself.” Every morning when Daniel wakes up he can rely on Nellie to be there for him, he makes sure they get out for a walk together, and Nellie has fitted in with the whole family.

Daniel is a keen sportsman and regularly travels to state and national Boccia championships, and is looking forward to travelling overseas next year to compete in an international competition. Knowing that Nellie will be at home cheering him on is a comforting thought, and that she will be there ready and waiting for him when he gets home is the most reassuring thing of all.

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