Christian and Rufus’ story

After attending a PAWS workshop, mum Carolyne was excited about the possibility of getting an Autism Assistance Dog for her son Christian. She hoped an Assistance Dog would be a loyal friend to Christian, that could help keep him safe.

For staff at Assistance Dogs Australia, it was apparent from the outset that Rufus’ calm and loving nature would make him a beautiful match for a young child, and when Christian’s application was fully assessed the perfect match was made.

“Rufus gives our son independence, he is able to hold on to Rufus and not run away, giving us security and safety.” said mum Carolyne.

Christian has been taking Rufus everywhere with him, on the bus, to the hairdressers and to busy shopping centres. Rufus gives Christian the courage to do things that he previously hadn’t done.

“Christian didn’t run away, the whole family went to the park, no meltdowns or tears – an amazing day!

By using commands and talking to Rufus, Christian’s language has also improved. He is the non-judgemental best friend, who Christian can communicate openly with. “Christian’s expressive language has blossomed with Rufus.” says Carolyne.

“Watching our son bond with Rufus every day is so special.  Every day brings something new to our family.”

“Rufus has made us get out more. We enjoy life more, we do more as a family and have planed lots of holidays knowing we have Rufus to help us with our son.”

“Receiving Rufus made us feel like we can do anything and that we are all special parents with special kids.”

It costs over $60,000 to train and place an Assistance Dog.

Your donation helps covers training, vaccinations, food and equipment for an Assistance Dog, who is given to a client free of charge.

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