Abby and Jemima’s story

Eleven year old Abby has the best friend ever – an Assistance Dog named Jemima who has quickly became one of the family.

“She’s my furry sister,” said Abby.

Abby has ataxia, low muscle tone and developmental delay which means she needs to use a wheelchair. Jemima is her constant companion and loves nothing more than cuddling up to Abby, giving her puppy hugs and kisses.

“Jemima is Abby’s best friend, she’s there for her wagging her tail when Abby gets home,” Rebecca, Abby’s mum said. “Their favourite thing to do together is to go walking to the beach. Abby can push her wheelchair with Jemima right beside her and it’s their time together. If Abby can’t do something like, play on the play equipment, it’s ok because Jemima is there for her.”

Jemima has made the family even more social, as everyone wants to meet her when she and Abby are out and about and has a positive impact on everyone.

“When Abby is upset, Jemima can calm her down, she has a real calming influence” Rebecca said. “She also helps us convince Abby to do things that she doesn’t really like, like having a bath!”

Jemima makes her smile with just a wag of her tail and has. When asked what she thinks of Jemima, Abby said, “I love her.”

It costs over $60,000 to train and place an Assistance Dog.

Your donation helps covers training, vaccinations, food and equipment for an Assistance Dog, who is given to a client free of charge.

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