It’s raining pups

Feb 25, 2018

The staff of Assistance Dogs Australia are all walking around with huge grins on their faces. There is an abundance of puppy love in the air, thanks to our in-house breeding program. THREE litters have arrived — all within a month of each other.

Black Labrador and first-time mum Asta was the first on New Year’s Eve. This gentle girl gave birth to the fifth-ever litter of our own program — and to an incredible 12 puppies!

Second-time mum Ruby was next. She gave birth a week later to a smaller litter of two and is now also lending a helping hand with the feeding of some of Asta’s little ones.But it didn’t stop there! Another second-time mum Chloe recently produced five healthy puppies just in time for Valentine’s Day to add to the happy vibe. We couldn’t be prouder of all our beautiful mums.

The search is well underway to find ‘Puppy Educators’ — individuals or families in the community who will raise these puppies for the first year of their life. These very special people play the crucial role of caring for and socialising the pups, teaching them to how to be calm and confident in all settings.

The good news is that Puppy Educators don’t need to be experienced dog trainers, or even to have owned a dog before. They just need an open mind, a safe and loving home, and the willingness to have lots of fun, and learn along the way. Plus, the organisation pays for all the pup’s food and vet bills.

If you live in the Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne area, and fit the requirements for this uniquely rewarding job, please apply to become a Puppy Educator. It will not only change your life, it will help someone else truly live theirs in the future.

Apply to be a Puppy Educator today!

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