Is it Safe for My Dog to Eat Banana?

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

As a dog owner, you’ll know there is a long list of foods that are a safe and healthy option for your dog to eat, as well as a range of foods to avoid. Certain foods that are safe for human consumption may be toxic or cause an upset stomach for dogs (such as chocolate, and certain fruits).

Where Do Bananas Fit on the List of Dog Approved Snacks?

You might be surprised to learn that bananas are a safe and tasty food choice for your dog to snack on!

Bananas are not just a safe choice, but a healthy one too, because they are:

• High in potassium, essential vitamins and nutrients
• Low in cholesterol, calories and sodium content
• Soft and easy to chew and digest
• A good source of fibre
• Natural and additive free
• A great alternative to salty or fatty dog treats
• Inexpensive and available year-round!

Tips to Remember When Feeding Your Dog Bananas:

1. Moderation: Bananas are bad for dogs if eaten too often; due to the natural fructose fruit sugar in bananas, offer them to your dog as an occasional treat/reward instead.

2. No Peels Please: Banana peels aren’t toxic, but it’s better to only use the inside banana as peels can be much harder to digest.

3. Take it Slow: If your dog isn’t used to the taste of banana, introduce small amounts of banana to your dog gradually.

4. A Balanced Diet: Experts say 10% of your dog’s daily diet should be treats, and the other 90% their main dog food.

How Much Banana Can Your Dog Eat?

Generally, small-to-medium sized dogs can have 2-3 small pieces of banana a day, and larger dogs can eat around half a banana a day.

Easy Banana Dog Food Recipes

Here are some of our favourite serving ideas for feeding banana to you dog!

Fresh – Slice a few pieces off a fresh banana (you can save the rest of the banana in an air-tight container or freeze it) and cover in dog-safe peanut butter or a little yoghurt and put in your dog’s food bowl.

Frozen – Dogs who don’t like fresh banana may enjoy the colder taste and different texture of frozen banana instead. Pre-slice a banana or mash and spoon it into an ice cube tray and freeze. The result is a tasty treat that will be appreciated even more by your pet on warmer days.

Toys – You can also mash banana on/in an easy clean dog toy for them to lick.

We hope this has helped shed some light on the question “Can dogs eat bananas”! If you are also wondering “can puppies eat banana?”, or if your dog has any existing health conditions, we suggest checking with your veterinarian first to be sure!

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