Australia’s Favourite Dog Breeds

We’re a nation of dog lovers. But which dog breed do we love the most?

Thousands of dog lovers across Australia voted for Australia’s favourite dog breed.

Thank you so much for turning out in huge numbers to represent the dog breed that you love the most.

Family-friendly breeds dominated the list, and you’ll also notice there are a fair few working dog breeds in the top ten, too.

And every single vote counted. It was a close contest, and a podium finish came down to the wire — only one vote separated third and fourth place.

Dog lovers, scroll down to see the winner….

Congratulations to the Border Collie! Australians love this breed for their energy, working drive, and high intelligence.

Border Collies have won hearts all over the world for being athletic and highly trainable dogs who were bred to herd animals.

All dogs are amazing, but Border Collies have an exceptional place in our hearts and homes.

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