5 Favourite Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds in Australia

If you regularly find yourself with watery/bloodshot eyes, a runny nose, rash or sneezing after close contact with dogs; you may have a sensitivity or allergy to them.

A “hypoallergenic dog” is the term given to specific dog breeds that are often found to be more compatible for anyone who has certain dog allergies caused by the protein found in dog saliva and dander (flakes from their skin that sheds naturally).

Although no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, some breeds (generally those that shed less hair), are more suitable for those with allergies/sensitivities.

The good news is that hypoallergenic dogs don’t just make great pets for allergy sufferers – they are also great for a range of individuals and families seeking a loving companion.

Keep reading to discover 5 of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds in Australia, and some interesting facts and tips about each!




Fun Labradoodle Facts

Size: The size and weight of a Labradoodle varies based on if it was bred with a miniature, medium or standard poodle. They can weigh between 15-40kg and 40-65cm.
Lifespan: Approx. 12-16 years.
Coat: Generally black, tan or brown. Long curly, fluffy or wiry coat.


Labradoodles are a crossbreed of the beloved Labrador Retriever and Poodle! They are part of the group crossbred dogs known affectionately as “oodles”.

First bred around 1955, they gained more popularity in Australia in the late 80’s when they were bred with the intent of being trained as hypoallergenic Assistance Dogs.

In fact, Assistance Dogs Australia are proud to have the Labradoodle in our training program, successfully offering support in a range of settings.

labradoodle assistance dog

Temperament & Traits

Labradoodles are highly intelligent dogs, with an energetic and friendly temperament. This makes them a fantastic choice of dog for families, especially around children, as they love to engage and play.

Labradoodles that have inherited the Poodle’s hypoallergenic, fluffy, curly coat are low shedding and less likely to pick up as many outdoor allergens.

They also produce little dander, which is ideal news for many allergy sufferers! Labradoodle hair is also generally lower in odour, but does require regular grooming.




Fun Schnauzers Facts

Size: The size and weight of a Schnazuer varies based on if it was bred as a miniature, standard or giant. They can weigh between 7-35kg and 30-60cm.
Lifespan: Approx. 12-15 years.
Coat: Generally black or grey. Short-Medium wiry coat.


This breed originated in Germany around the 1500’s, and “Schnauzer” translates to “muzzle/snout” in English (describing their distinctive “moustache”).

The original Schnauzer is most similar to today’s “standard Schnauzer”. It was initially bred as a working dog that was excellent at rodent control, watching livestock and as a family guard dog.

Given their intelligence and response to training, they have also been used as search and rescue, police and military dogs.

Temperament & Traits

Schnauzers are smart, energetic and sweet dogs that make truly loyal companions for a single, couple or family.

They can be quite territorial, strong-willed and independently minded, so early training is recommended for a well-behaved dog from young. Schnauzers thrive when given obedience tasks and training!

All three variations of Schnauzers have a hypoallergenic coat that sheds much less than other dog breeds (and is considered “low-shedding” overall). There is a catch –it does require weekly grooming, but in return Schnauzers make an excellent choice of dog for those with allergy sensitivities!



Italian Greyhound

Fun Italian Greyhound Facts

Size: 3.6-5kg and 32-39cm.
Lifespan: Approx. 12-15 years.
Coat: Generally grey, but can be black, fawn, blue or cream. Short, smooth coat.


Italian Greyhounds are considered a “toy breed” and “mini greyhound”. Their origin dates back as far as Ancient Egypt, where they were reportedly owned by Pharaohs.

They remained a popular choice of dog among royalty throughout history; including several French Kings, Catherine the Great and Queen Victoria!

Their keen vision for moving objects and capability of reaching great speeds saw them originally bred to hunt small animals; whereas today they are sweet companion dogs.

Temperament & Traits

Italian Greyhounds are playful and alert dogs, but can be a little sensitive/anxious in certain scenarios – such as around children or other some other dog breeds. Early training and socialising may help with this.

Their energy tends to come in bursts, and they enjoy a mix of daily exercise and lazing around indoors having regular dog-naps.

Their sleek, smooth, short coat looks shiny, feels beautiful…and is also hypoallergenic! They are a non-shedding dog breed, so grooming is very low maintenance – just wash and towel dry.

In fact, because of their short coat, they are prone to shiver when cold, and you may need to invest in a doggie jumper/jacket to keep them warm.




Fun Maltese Facts

Size: 3-4kg and 20-25cm.
Lifespan: Approx. 12-15 years.
Coat: White silky long coat.


The Maltese are (perhaps unsurprisingly, given their name), believed to come from Malta.

Their ”toy” size and temperament made them a favourite “lap dog” for nobility in Ancient Greece and Rome. Throughout history, they were often shown in paintings being carried around by ladies across south-central Europe and England.

Temperament & Traits

Given how silky the Maltese looks, with long hair falling down on either side of their centre part – it may come as a surprise to learn that despite this dense, furry coat…they are actually some of the least shedding dog breeds – much to pet lovers and allergy sufferers’ delight!

To maintain their gorgeous coat, they require daily grooming and regular washing with appropriate care products.

Gentle, sweet and playful, Maltese love being part of family life and are devoted dogs. They make for an excellent pet for any household seeking a loving companion that comes with the bonus of being hypoallergenic dog breed too!



Shih Tzu

Fun Shih Tzu Facts

Size: 4-7kg and 20-27cm.
Lifespan: Approx. 10-16 years.
Coat: Beige, grey, black or mixed medium-long coat.


Shih Tzus originated in Tibet, and were later gifted to Chinese royalty and kept by the Emperor as a court dog.

They are believed to have been crossed with the Pekinese and Lhasa Apso dog breeds in China, which has resulted in the Shih Tzu we know and love today.

Temperament & Traits

Shih Tzus have a soft, long coat that requires brushing every day or two – but this care will be worth it for anyone with allergies, as Shih Tzus produce less dander and malt very little.

In fact, their hair is very different to standard dog fur, and almost resembles human hair…plus they are hypoallergenic!

Shih Tzus are a confident and outgoing dog breed, but their “toy” size means they are not the most active. Bred as companion dogs, they prefer to relax on a comfy lap and take short walks.

This breed has a low tendency to bark and enjoys the company of children. Early training is essential to create great habits from young.



  1. If you are yet to get a dog, spend as much one-on-one time with the dog as possible first, or try to foster before making the choice to adopt into your family.
  2. Whether you have a hypoallergenic dog breed or not, if you want to limit your exposure to allergens, daily grooming and bathing once or twice a week will help. You can also have your dog groomed by a professional so you aren’t exposed as much.
  3. Try to prevent your dog from sleeping in your bedroom, and don’t forget to wash their bedding too!
  4. Vacuuming every few days/weekly and investing in an air purifier can help reduce dander around your home.

It will all be worth it, because you have a loyal, loving family member who wants to be your best friend!

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