Occupational Therapy

Assistance Dogs Australia provides occupational therapy sessions in Engadine NSW, conducted by our occupational therapists Claire and Lauren. Our occupational therapists are able to provide sessions in-clinic, via Telehealth (Australia-wide), within schools, within the community or within the home depending on the goals of each client. Our occupational therapists are equipped to assist children and adults to participate in their daily environment in order to reach their full potential.

Our two occupational therapists are also able to provide school-based group sessions at local primary and high schools.

Additionally, our occupational therapists can provide Animal Assisted Therapy sessions with trained dogs. Our dog co-therapist team includes Labradors named Asta, Bentley, Ike and Joy.

Our occupational therapists may work towards individual goals related to:
      •  Social participation and communication skills
      •  Emotion and sensory regulation
      •  Self-care and activities of daily living
      •  Fine motor, gross motor, and coordination skills

If you would like more information about Occupational Therapy, please contact Debby at [email protected]

To schedule an appointment please call (02) 9548 3355.


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