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Sponsor a Super Puppy

Become a Super Puppy Sponsor today and make your secure monthly online donation!

As a Super Puppy Sponsor your regular gift will support puppies to become fully trained Assistance Dogs to help people with disabilities.

Your support will help us train our puppies, making sure our Super Puppies become Super Dogs. With your help, we will be able to cover the costs of the puppies’ food, collar & lead and training equipment, L-plate training jacket, veterinary care and worm and flea treatments and vaccinations.

As a Super Puppy Sponsor you will receive:

  • A paw written update every three months from the puppy gang you are sponsoring.
  • Your support as a Super Puppy Sponsor is tax deductable and you will be sent an annual receipt.

You can also choose to sponsor an Assistance Dog puppy as a gift for someone special – your child, grandchild, partner or friend. Just let us know when you fill out the sponsorship form and we’ll ensure your gift recipient receives their very own certificate.

Download our Super Puppy Sponsorship form here.

If you prefer to support us by Direct Debit, you can complete this form.

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