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Release Dog

Rehoming an Assistance Dog     

The main focus of our organisation is to provide highly trained Assistance Dogs to help enhance the quality of life and improve the level of independence for adults and children with physical or other disabilities.

But from time to time our dogs are re-classified from the program due to behavioural or health reasons. They are re-homed with families as loving pet dogs.


A number of considerations need to be taken into account before owning a dog. If you have any questions, we would be happy to speak to you directly in order to help you make the decision to proceed. It may help you to think about these...

 Do You Have The Time And Energy?

The dog arrives with basic training and obedience, however, you need to practice skills and reinforce behaviours with a dog every day. It will be your responsibility to continue the training, particularly for dogs released for behavioural or temperament reasons.

 Is It the Right Time For You?

The first few months require a great deal of effort and you will need to make sure you have the time to dedicate to develop your skills, the dog’s skills and the bond and communication between you.

 Are Your Expectations Realistic?

Living with a dog can be a life-changing experience with many advantages, however, as with any partnership it does not happen overnight. There may be some challenges and frustrations to overcome with release dogs. You will have to make some changes to accommodate your new dog, but if you are prepared, you will have a loving, forever pet.


*Please note our Release Dog Application Process is currently closed.


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