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Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer / 'Top Dog'

Richard Lord, CEO
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Media Liaison / 'Newshound'

Jane McKie, PR and Communications
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Adrian Mitchell, Head of Individual Giving 
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Mili Simic, Corporate Relationships Executive
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Charlotte Farrelly, Major Relationships Executive
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Dee Vodden, Grants Officer
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Iuliana Tristram, Database & Supporter Relations Executive
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Li Wah Ly, Data Entry and Administration Assistant
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Assistance Dogs K9 Team

Alberto Alvarez-Campos, National Programs Manager
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Lisa Moore, Adminstrator
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Katie Saran, Instructor
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Rocio Lobos, Instructor
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Caitlyn Beckinsale, Instructor
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Danielle Garrick, Trainer
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Sarah Cameron, Trainer
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Mel Watson, Kennel Coordinator
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Nadia Jilani, Kennel Attendant
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Fran Diogo, Puppy Educator Supervisor, NSW
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Andrea Blackford, Puppy Educator Supervisor, NSW
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Kristen Papay, Puppy Educator Supervisor, Melbourne, VIC
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Cherie Bekker, Instructor, Brisbane, QLD
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Claire Dickson, Occupational Therapist (Autism Animal Assisted Intervention Program)
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Accounts & Administration

Erika Spicer, Administration Manager/Accounts
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Debby Quinn, Administration/Projects Officer
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Steve Wade, IT Officer
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Australian Charity Awards