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Facility Support Dog

 What is a Facility Support Dog?

A Facility Support Dog can be placed in a wide range of care facilities, including aged care homes, rehabilition centres and palliative care facilities. A Facility Support Dog can provide companionship and affection for those living in care facilities, creating opportunities for learning, activities and lots of fun.

 The Hartley Story

Hartley was placed in a rehabilitation centre in Tasmania in 2012, and has had a huge impact on the residents and staff alike.

''Hartley has fully become a part of the team now and is the joy of all who meet him. I constantly have clients tell me how he has helped them in this stage of their recovery and how they think more places should have animals such as Hartley. A really cool 'by product' of having Hartley here is that I have been able to educate a lot of people about how to look after dogs responsiblyWe have all really been blessed with the addition of Hartley to our team.''

How can I get a Facility Support Dog?

Assistance Dogs Australia has a few requirements that must be met before an application can be accepted.

  • The facility must demonstrate the need for an Assistance Dog.
  • Applicants must demonstrate proof of support and commitment of facility management.
  • The facility needs to provide a safe environment, ongoing care and meet all future expenses associated with the dog’s care.
  • All staff within the facility must undertake a basic dog handling course (provided free of charge by Assistance Dogs Australia).
  • The facility must provide one or more staff carers who will coordinate day to day care of the dog and must provide monthly reports to an Assistance Dogs trainer on the behaviour, welfare and activities of the dog.
  • The facility needs to provide Assistance Dogs Australia with quarterly veterinarian reports on general health and weight of the dog.
  • Annual vaccinations and regular flea treatment, worming and heartworm control must be organised by the facility.
  • Any change of staff carer must be notified to Assistance Dogs Australia and new contract completed.

To enquire about an Facility Support Dog please contact us. 

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